Up your do.

Up your do.

There are a few essentials that help us get through the last days of summer, these days when the humidity or severe lack of, depending on where you reside, makes styling your hair a pointless exercise. All you need is to toss your hair up, damage-free, and try to stay cool.


Whether you have just washed your hair and let it air dry or haven’t washed your hair in a couple of days, a quick comb through of your favorite product is always a fresh start. On those days when your locks seem a little too dry, a spritz of leave-in conditioner and combing can revitalize in a pinch. If your hair feels oily, lifeless, and needs a wash but time is not on your side, use the Comb to massage dry shampoo it into your scalp for a total refresh. 


The nostalgic accessory that innovated the way we wore our hair in the ’90s has secured itself as a wardrobe staple once again. There is nothing easier to use for a quick style fix, causing no damage to your hair. It is undeniable that the Claw Clip is a modern necessity. The 4” Claw clamps tightly enough to hold short hairstyles half up and has enough strength to keep long hair up.
A simple twist-up can is achieved by gathering your hair into a low pony; once gathered, twist your pony a couple of times and clip. You can let your pony flow out of the top of the clip or clip the over flow back down for a more polished twist.



The U-Pin is our answer to minimal and refined but still damage-free hairware. The super slim design can be tucked away in your bag and is there for you whenever you need to toss your hair up. Its unique design works with as much or as little hair as you want to pin-up. See our post on Top Knots & Bun With the U-Pin for videos.
First, you pull the hair back you want to pin-up. I leave my index finger in the middle of the bun to give me something to wrap the hair around. Continue wrapping around the base of the bun until completely wrapped. Then insert the U-pin at a slight angle into the bun. You want the U-pin to straddle over the last bit of hair you wrapped for the best hold.

If you want to create heat-free waves, use the U-Pin when your hair is still damp. Just out of the pool, or have to run out of the house before your hair is dry? Wrap a loose bun on the crown of your head and insert the U-pin; let your hair dry thoroughly in this wrap, and once dry, you will have effortless waves.




Our newest and smallest Claw Clip is deceiving strong for its small size. We wanted it to pack just as much power, so we use the same strength spring closure in our small and large Claw Clips, allowing this little clip to hold a lot of hair and stay in place. Its size makes it a subtle yet versatile hair accessory and can be styled in all hair lengths, from short to long.